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Our mission is to offer sustainably-produced natural seaweed, algae and other plant-based extracts and solutions for the Food, Personal Care & industrial products.

Our company benefits from unique attributes in the field of natural and seaweed extracts.

Passion for the sea and for people unites us around a common project: to protect marine ecosystems while drawing on the natural potential of seaweed. This passion, combined to the diverse experiences and expertise of our employees, generates  an King-Hope-specific enthusiasm and energy.

We are constantly listening to our markets and adapting thanks to our team power. So we are able to quickly  satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers with natural, innovative and tailor-made solutions.

We believe in the potential of natural resources and seaweed in particular. So we are constantly innovating in our products and our working methods as, for us, the future lies in the valorization of natural marine compounds. We carefully maintain our product quality and customer satisfaction.

Trust and mutual respect are at the heart of our relationships with our employees, customers and partners. We meet today’s needs while embracing the challenges of future generations, particularly environmental and social issues.